Top Trending 7 Modern Door Design Inspiration For Home

Sleek and Minimalist Wooden Door

A simple yet elegant wooden door with clean lines and minimalist detailing can complement various home styles.

Glass and Metal Pivot Door

A pivot door made of glass and metal exudes contemporary charm and allows for ample natural light to enter the space.

Barn Door with a Modern Twist

A sliding barn door made of sleek materials like glass or metal, incorporating modern hardware, adds a unique touch to interiors.

Geometric Panel Door

Experimenting with geometric shapes and patterns on a door can create a striking modern look, using wood, metal, or composite materials.

Double-Height Entrance Door

A grand entrance door with a double-height design makes a statement and adds an air of luxury to the home's facade.

Frosted Glass and Wood Composite Door

A combination of frosted glass panels and wood composite material can offer privacy while maintaining a contemporary appearance.

Steel Frame Glass Door

Incorporating steel framing around glass panels creates an industrial-modern aesthetic.