Top 7 Royal Wooden Door Designs For Home

Carved Wooden Doors

Intricately carved wooden doors often feature traditional or intricate designs, showcasing craftsmanship and elegance.

Panel Doors

These doors consist of panels framed together, creating a classic and versatile design.

Barn Doors

Rustic and charming, barn doors are mounted on tracks, sliding horizontally rather than swinging open.

French Doors

Typically made of wood and glass, French doors provide a stylish way to connect rooms or indoor and outdoor spaces while allowing natural light to pass through.

Arched Wooden Doors

Arched doors have a curved top, lending a touch of sophistication and grandeur to entrances.

Dutch Doors

These doors are divided horizontally, allowing the top and bottom halves to open or close independently.

Craftsman Style Doors

Craftsman doors are popular for their elegant simplicity.