Top 10 Modern Door Designs For Every Architectural Style

Glass Pivot Door

Ideal for contemporary and minimalist designs, these doors feature a sleek frameless design with a pivot mechanism, allowing them to swing open effortlessly.

Sliding Barn Door

Perfect for rustic, farmhouse, or industrial styles, these doors slide along a track, adding a rustic touch while saving space.

Steel Entry Door with Geometric Patterns

Suitable for industrial or modern designs, these doors feature steel construction with geometric patterns or designs, offering both security and aesthetic appeal.

Wood and Glass Front Door

This design combines natural wood with glass panels, blending well with various architectural styles, including modern, craftsman, or transitional homes.

Flush Panel Door

Minimalist and contemporary, these doors have flat, smooth surfaces without any raised moldings, suitable for modern and mid-century modern homes.

Carved Wooden Door

Perfect for traditional or eclectic styles, intricately carved wooden doors add character and a sense of craftsmanship to the entryway.

Frosted Glass Entry Door

Providing privacy while allowing light to filter through, these doors work well in modern, Scandinavian, or minimalist designs.