7 Handcrafted Indian Main Door Designs

Carved Teak Wood Door

Teak wood is commonly used in Indian door designs for its durability.

Jaali Work Door

Jaali work involves intricately carved or latticed patterns in wood, metal, or stone.

Brass or Copper Embellished Door

Indian doors sometimes incorporate metal accents such as brass or copper.

Rajasthani Haveli Doors

Inspired by the architecture of Rajasthan's grand havelis (mansions), these doors are massive and often feature bold colors, intricate carvings, and metal studs or accents.

Wooden Door with Traditional Artwork

These artworks often depict religious themes, historical events, or scenes from epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Hand-Painted Doors

These doors often showcase intricate paintings depicting traditional folk art, floral motifs, or scenes from rural life, making them visually striking.

Indian Temple-style Door

Inspired by the architecture of South Indian temples, these doors typically feature highly ornate carvings.