10 Trendy Indian Main Door Designs to Elevate Your Homes

Antique Brass Marvel

A door adorned with antique brass detailing for a regal entrance.

Contemporary Colonial

Fusion of colonial structure with modern materials for a timeless appeal.

Floral Carved Opulence

Flowery patterns on solid wood, adding a touch of grace.

Jaali Magic

Intricate jali work on doors for a play of light and shadow.

Majestic Teak Grandeur

Intricately carved teak door with traditional motifs.

Minimalistic Teak Chic

Simple yet sophisticated teak door, embracing minimalism.

Modern Fusion Charm

Blend of wood and glass, merging classic design with contemporary flair.

Royal Rajasthan Elegance

Ornate doors inspired by rich Rajasthani architecture.

South Indian Heritage

Richly carved wooden doors reflecting Dravidian aesthetics.