7 Global Door Design Inspirations for Your Home

Indian Haveli Grandeur

Capture the opulence of Indian havelis with grand doors adorned with ornate carvings

African Mudcloth Magic

Introduce a bohemian flair with doors inspired by African mudcloth patterns, blending earthy tones.

Dutch Half-Door Charm

Infuse a sense of coziness and tradition with Dutch half-doors.

Japanese Zen Sliders

Embrace simplicity and tranquility with sliding shoji doors

Mediterranean Archways

Transport yourself to the Mediterranean with arched wooden doors, featuring wrought iron details and warm tones.

Scandinavian Simplicity

Embody Scandinavian design principles with minimalist, sleek doors in natural wood tones.

Moroccan Intricate

Channel the charm of Morocco with intricately carved wooden doors featuring geometric patterns and vibrant colors.