High-end Carved Design Sofa Set

  • High-end carved design sofa set for a luxurious experience
  • Beautifully crafted by skilled artisans
  • Three-seater with maharaja style and a crown in the center
  • Upholstered in silk fabric with floral patterns and tufted quilting
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Experience luxury with our high-end carved design sofa set. The sofa is beautifully carved by our skilled artisans. The three-seater has a maharaja style with a crown in the center. The unit is upholstered in silk fabric, with floral patterns on the seating and tufted quilting. The sofa chairs have similar carving, tufted quilting on the sides, and floral pattern fabric on the back and seating area. The center table is round-shaped and supported by four carved legs. Check out our timeless collection now and bring a new level of royal living to your space.

High-end Carved Design Sofa Set

High-end Carved Design Sofa Set



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