Top 8 Amazing Places To Visit In Warsaw

Warsaw Old Town

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the heart of Warsaw and a must-see for any visitor.

Royal Castle (Zamek Królewski)

This magnificent castle was the official residence of Polish monarchs for centuries.

Neon Museum

This open-air museum houses a collection of neon signs from the communist era.

Palace of Culture and Science

This controversial landmark, a gift from the Soviet Union to Poland, is now a popular cultural center.

Warsaw Uprising Museum

This interactive museum tells the story of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944,

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

This award-winning museum explores the rich history and culture of Polish Jews, from the Middle Ages to the present day

Łazienki Królewskie

This vast park complex was once the pleasure ground of Polish royalty.

Wilanow Palace

This stunning Baroque palace was the summer residence of King Jan III Sobieski. The palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is home to a collection of royal portraits, furniture, and other artifacts.