Top 7 Trendy Bed Designs For Bedroom

Luxurious white bed  

luxurious white bed  in white colour made in  teak wood

Luxurious bed in royal blue color 

luxurious royal blue color bed  for a premium look of your room

Luxurious bed in pink color   

luxurious bed in pink color  for girls  which will enhance your room appearance 

 Heavy carving Bed

Royal Style bed made in teak wood for kings which have heavy carving and a luxurious design

King bed in white color  

King style bed in white color made in teak wood  the golden polish give a rich  and luxurious look

Canopy Bed 

Canopy Bed in vintage style  to give a vintage look to your room 

luxurious Bed in sea green color 

luxurious Bed in sea green color in royal maharaja style to give a luxurious  look to your bedroom  with side table