Top 7 Royal Wooden Divan Couch 

Channel the opulence of Ottoman palaces with this plush divan, featuring tufted cushioning and a grandly curved frame.

Ottoman Empire-Style Divan

Embrace timeless elegance with this antique Burmese teak divan, boasting a deep, warm patina and exquisite craftsmanship.

Antique Burmese Teak Divan

Create a unique, versatile seating arrangement with this folding jharokha divan, featuring intricate latticework screens and Sheesham's natural beauty.

Folding Jharokha Divan

Celebrate India's rich heritage with this peacock-motif divan, featuring hand-carved peacocks symbolizing royalty, prosperity, and beauty.

Carved Peacock Motif Divan

For those who appreciate understated elegance, this minimalist rosewood divan offers clean lines, rich wood tones, and timeless appeal.

Minimalist Rosewood Divan

Elevate your space to palatial heights with this regal canopy divan, draped in luxurious fabric and crowned with a majestic overhead canopy.

Royal Canopy Divan

Crafted from sustainably sourced teak, this regal divan boasts intricate marquetry inlay and plush bolsters.

Teak Wood Maharaja Divan