Top 10 Wooden Center Tables That Will Elevate Your Living Room

Rustic charm meets modern elegance with this natural wood slab table, featuring a stunning organic edge.

Live edge coffee table

Channel the Mad Men era with these sleek, stackable tables, perfect for displaying coffee table books or creating a dynamic centerpiece.

Modern nesting tables

Add a touch of urban grit to your space with this reclaimed gear and wood creation, a conversation starter for sure.

Industrial gear table

Keep things clean and uncluttered with this light and airy table, featuring sleek lines and a natural wood finish..

Scandinavian minimalist table

Embrace vibrant colors and patterns with this hand-tiled table, a bohemian beauty that's sure to make a statement.

Bohemian mosaic tile table

Create an illusion of movement with this eye-catching table, featuring an acrylic waterfall cascading down a wooden base.

Acrylic and wood waterfall table

Play with shapes and textures with this modern table, combining wood and metal in a geometric design.

Wood and metal table

Bring the outdoors in with this rustic table crafted from a real tree trunk, a nature-inspired conversation starter

Tree trunk coffee table

Give vintage materials a modern twist with this hairpin leg table, made from upcycled wood for an eco-conscious touch.

Wood hairpin table

This table takes natural beauty to a new level, showcasing a live edge wood slab filled with vibrant epoxy resin.

Live edge epoxy resin table