Top 10 Trendy Recliner Chair Covers

Luxurious and cozy, perfect for adding a touch of elegance

Plush Velvet

Geometric patterns and bold colors for a retro vibe.

Mid-Century Modern

Super soft and fluffy for ultimate comfort, ideal for winter

Faux Fur

Stain-proof and easy to clean, great for families with kids or pets

Water-Resistant  Fabric

Textured and adds dimension, available in various patterns and colors


Hides the recliner base for a more polished look

Slipcover with Skirt

Casual and comfy, perfect for a relaxed living room


Classic and versatile, adds a touch of interest without being overpowering


Feminine and cheerful, brings a touch of nature indoors


Simple and elegant, can be dressed up or down with accent pillows.

Solid Color