Top 10 Easy Ways for a Luxurious Sofa Transformation

Breathe new life into your sofa with a tailored or loose slipcover in a luxurious fabric like velvet, linen, or chenille.

Slipcover Magic

Add instant personality and comfort with a variety of throw pillows in different sizes, textures, and colors.

Throw Pillow Power

Add a touch of sophistication with tufting details on the back and arms of your sofa.

Tufted Elegance

Elevate the look of your sofa with decorative trim in contrasting colors or metallic accents.

Trimmed to Perfection

Swap out the old legs for something more modern and stylish, like tapered legs or mid-century modern style.

Leg Swap

Give your sofa a unique and bold look with a fresh coat of paint in a vibrant color or metallic finish.

Painted Brilliance

Take the plunge and reupholster your sofa in a luxurious fabric like leather, silk, or wool for a complete transformation.

Upholstery Update

Add a touch of elegance with armrest covers or bolsters in a contrasting fabric or color.

Armrest Adornment

Drape a luxurious throw blanket over the back of your sofa for added texture and warmth.

Throw Blanket Elegance

Add a tailored skirt to your sofa to hide the legs and create a more formal look.

Skirt the Issue