Sleep Tight in a Small Space: Top 10 Beds for Compact Bedrooms

Platform beds are simple and stylish, with a low profile that makes them ideal for small rooms

Platform Bed

Lofted beds are perfect for creating a separate living area in a small bedroom.

Lofted Bed

Captain's beds are similar to lofted beds, but they have built-in storage drawers under the bed.

Captain's Bed

Trundle beds are perfect for guest rooms or children's bedrooms.

Trundle Bed

Ottoman beds have a storage compartment built into the base of the bed.

Ottoman Bed

Folding beds are perfect for small rooms that need to be used for multiple purposes.

Folding Bed

Canopy beds add a touch of romance and whimsy to any bedroom.

Canopy Bed

Sleigh beds are a classic style that can add elegance to any bedroom.

Sleigh Bed

Murphy beds are the ultimate space-saving solution.

Murphy Bed

Add a tailored skirt to your sofa to hide the legs and create a more formal look.