Divine Entryways: Top 7 Religious Door Designs to Uplift Your Home

Hand-carved wooden door featuring a mesmerizing lotus mandala symbolizing spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Intricate Lotus Mandala

A classic Hindu symbol of auspiciousness and spirituality, carved in wood or metal for a timeless elegance.

Om and Kalash Carving

The remover of obstacles, carved or painted on the door for blessings and protection.

Lord Ganesha

Delicate floral patterns, often with symbolic meaning, create a serene and welcoming atmosphere.

Floral Motifs

Traditional brass detailing adds a touch of luxury and grandeur to any door.

Brass Embellishments

Intricate latticework patterns, often inspired by Islamic architecture, offer privacy and beauty.

Jali Door Designs

Hand-carved wooden door adorned with intricate peacock feather patterns, representing beauty, renewal, and spiritual guidance.

Peacock Feather Motifs