10 Trendy Modern Living Room Decor Ideas 2024

Biophilic Design

Bring the outdoors in with plants, natural materials & organic shapes

Curvy Furniture

Soften your space with rounded sofas, coffee tables & accent chairs

Warm Earthy Colors

Embrace cozy hues like terracotta, deep greens & muted blues.

Mirror on the Wall

Play with unique shapes and sizes, from oversized sunbursts to abstract silhouettes.

Mid-Century Modern

Timeless elegance with clean lines, sleek silhouettes & natural materials.

Unique Mirrors

 Choose mirrors with unusual shapes or handcrafted details.

Chunky Accents

  Add whimsy with textured throws, pillows & oversized vases.

Layered Rugs

Create coziness with a neutral base rug layered with a patterned one

Rug Rhapsody

Lay an artistic foundation with unique rugs featuring bold patterns, graphic prints, or unexpected textures.

Playful Textures

Mix & match textures like boucle, velvet, teddy bear fabrics & woven throws.