10  Must-Visit Attractions In Chandigarh

Rock Garden

Built from waste materials by Nek Chand, a former government official, over decades, the Rock Garden is a labyrinth of sculptures, waterfalls, and man-made caves.

Elante Mall

Elante Mall is a popular shopping and entertainment destination in Chandigarh.It features a wide variety of Indian and international brands, a food court.

Open Hand Monument

This iconic sculpture, designed by Le Corbusier, is the official emblem of Chandigarh. It represents the "open hand to peace, to progress, and to happiness".

Terraced Garden

Terraced Garden is a well-known spot, celebrated for its lush collection of vibrant flowers and lanky trees. The garden is divided into multiple sections.

Mansa Devi Temple

This Hindu temple is perched on top of a hill and offers stunning views of the surrounding area.  It's a popular pilgrimage site, especially during Navratri.

Leisure Valley

A perfect place for nature lovers, Leisure Valley is a sprawling park with walking and jogging tracks, boating facilities, and a variety of trees and plants.

Chhatbir Zoo

Home to a variety of animals and birds, Chhatbir Zoo is a popular attraction, especially for families with children.

Sukhna Lake

A popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike, Sukhna Lake is a reservoir surrounded by gardens and walking paths. You can enjoy boating, paddleboarding.


Peaceful and religious, the Iskcon Temple is one of the greatest places to visit in Chandigarh, especially for spiritual individuals and devotees of Lord Krishna.

Pinjore Gardens

Located about 8 km from Chandigarh, Pinjore Gardens are Mughal-style gardens with terraced lawns, pavilions, and fountains.