10 Modern Doors That Will Make Your Home Entrance Say Wow

Glass Pivot Door

A large, pivoting glass door with minimal framing can create a sleek and contemporary look.

Double Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors, especially when doubled up, offer a rustic yet modern appeal.

Custom Carved Wooden Door

A handcrafted wooden door with intricate carvings or geometric patterns adds an artistic touch to the entrance.

Steel and Glass Door

A steel-framed door with glass panels offers a sophisticated and industrial look while maintaining a sense of openness.

Frosted Glass Door with LED Lights

A door made of frosted glass with integrated LED lighting can create a visually stunning effect, especially at night.

Minimalist Metal Door

A sleek, simple metal door with clean lines and minimal detailing can make a bold, modern statement.

Fiberglass Entry Door 

These doors offer the beauty of wood but with better durability and resistance to the elements.

Multi-panel Sliding Door

A door with multiple sliding panels that stack neatly against each other when open provides a contemporary and functional entrance.

Customized Colorful Door

A brightly colored door, perhaps in a non-traditional hue like teal, red, or mustard yellow, can add personality and vibrancy to your home's exterior.

Smart Door with Integrated Technology

A door with smart features like fingerprint recognition, remote locking