10 Creative Kitchen Trends to Try

Bold colors

Make a statement with dark cabinets, emerald green walls, or jewel-toned appliances.

Smart appliances

Control your oven, fridge, and more from your phone.

Multifunctional furniture

Opt for islands with built-in storage, breakfast bars, or hidden appliances.

Statement backsplashes

Elevate your space with patterned tiles, mosaic designs, or eye-catching materials like marble or brass.

Open shelving

Embrace a light and airy feel by displaying your dishes, cookbooks, and other decorative items.

Sustainable materials

Choose eco-friendly options like bamboo countertops, recycled glass tiles, or reclaimed wood.

Integrated appliances

Create a seamless look by hiding your dishwasher, refrigerator, and other appliances behind cabinet doors.

Biophilic design

Bring nature indoors with plants, natural light, and earthy elements.

Minimalist style

Keep things clean and clutter-free with sleek lines, hidden storage, and uncluttered countertops.

Statement lighting

Add personality with pendant lights, chandeliers, or sconces that complement your overall style.