10 Accent Chairs to Add Personality to Your Home

A bohemian throne for your living room, this wicker gem with its signature fan-back screams both comfort and personality.

Peacock Chair

Nestled in its fiberglass shell, this pod-like chair is a futuristic haven for relaxation and quiet contemplation.

Egg Chair

Indulge in old-world glamour with this plush armchair, its high back and enveloping wings promising luxurious fireside chats.

Velvet Wingback

Add a touch of Mad Men cool with this sleek armchair, its slatted back and cantilever base channeling the 1960s.

Mid-Century Sling

This whimsical chair, woven from natural rattan in a teardrop shape, brings a touch of the tropics to your indoor oasis.

Rattan Teardrop

Sway your worries away in this woven hammock chair, suspended from a sturdy frame and promising endless summer vibes.

Hammock Chair

Add a touch of quirky fun with this rounded chair, its upholstered curves as inviting as a hug.

Barrel Chair

Channel British gentleman vibes with this tufted leather armchair, its deep seat and aged patina oozing sophistication.

Leather Chesterfield

Sink into ultimate relaxation with this oversized cushion chair, perfect for curling up with a good book or movie.

Papasan Chair

Let loose and embrace casual comfort with this oversized beanbag, its squishy form morphing to your every whim.

Beanbag Chair